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What brings you joy?

Capturing ‘moments in time’ brings joy to the soul, it also brings pleasure to those you are sharing with. Be it Selfies, food created, wine and special scenery. 

Sure ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’, however, when it comes to including elements such as colours, angle, lighting, creativity & composition these all help to create an image of desire... take your time to line up your Photo while making the image visually appealing to look at and so the observer feels that they are there in that ‘moment in time’, that they can almost feel, taste and smell the setting. 

Ask yourself “what do I want people to feel when they first see my photo”?. 

So, when taking this image in we are feeling the  sunset on our face and sensing the coolness of the wine, do we also feel the serenity of the calming seas ? 

We will be visiting the art of an appealing image more in weeks to come. 

Please join me for future posts on taking memorable images of time. 

Meanwhile happy snapping from Antoinette Art-Ography. 

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