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Welcome to Antoinette ArtOgraphy where we take great pride in designing the 'forever feeling' behind your forever portraits.

My name is Antoinette and I have been photographing weddings for about 25 plus years and I honestly enjoy every moment, I am a huge romantic at heart and enjoy a good wedding  I DO tear or two. 

Originally I am from a Retail background as State Manager  of mid-high end fashion stores I was offered an opportunity as Business  Development Manager to join a chain of high end photography studios one was specializing in Families, NewBorns & Weddings and another studio specializing in Fashion Glamour,  as a creative and with a passion for photography I ventured into photographing weddings on the weekends. Before you know it I am winning an award through the prestigious AIPP on a national level for my craft.

25 years later  my passion for designing amazing images and capturing incredible moments in time is still deeply embedded  within my sole and it shows in my images and shines when I am an consulting with my clients. 

 I enjoy creating for my clients from our consultations, to the styling session and photography session or wedding coverage, I am an open book and all the images you see on this website are within a 5 year period and all current so you know what you are getting from me. having said that all photo shoots are so very different because you are working with different personalities and different styles. If you see something you like on our website  let me know we can recreate it for you and if you have ideas of what you are looking for let me know, alternatively I will create a a photography coverage unique to you and your personalities. 

I look forward to creating your forever memories.
warmest regards, 
Antoinette  xx