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Customer Service; 


As you may or may not appreciate PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY is different from the everyday photos you would normally take yourself either with your iPhone or your camera.

As an artist I see creativity differently, I see shape, colour and design differently in reality this is why you hire my creative services to capture your special moments. My work is creative, romantic, sensual, both structured & unstructured and fun; most would say you could liken my design work to that more like a poster or portrait you would go out and purchase & hang on your wall; where in fact it is actually a poster or portrait of you and / or your loved ones, something that you can keep and admire for many years to come, something that is past down through the generations and in some cases  is also purchased as an extension to your home decor'.

Styling Consultation Session;

Unless given strict instruction as to what you are looking for I would then, as an artist, take Poetic Artistic Licence and create & capture what I see and how I see it; that is what you hire my services for, it about  the creativity and ability to design your portraiture and capture those moments.



Upon booking with me, this can be done OVER THE PHONE, VIA EMAIL OR THROUGH OUR ONLINE BOOKINGS TAB ON THIS WEBSITE, you will receive an invoice of agreed costs and a portrait agreement form which you will need to fill in, this asks for your details, the where, when and how of the future photographic shoot or wedding. Please fill this in and send it back.. scanned and emailed is fine, I can pick up the original at the time of the photography session; the forms along with the transfer of payment will secure your appointment time. A one on one or phone Styling Consultations are complementary. At all times you will find me flexible and easy to get on with and take great joy in creating that ever lasting masterpiece for you.


We all communicate differently and it is for this reason I have different modes of communication for example;

  • my mobile number is 0402165501 you are welcome to call me,

  • leave me a message on my message bank if I am with clients and cannot take your call,

  • you are welcome to text me  

  • or you can email me  

  • there is also a CONTACT page on this website.


Sometimes things do not always turn out like we anticipated, for whatever the reason a photography shoot may not go to plan, while I like to run  to appointment time allocated,  & that for everyone's interest of-course; however, if I think we are going to go over in time I will speak to the principle person who booked me to have the conversation to see if we require the extra time; its important to understand that any extra time will be charge out at every hour and part-there-off.


All cancellations or reappointment's require at lease 5 working days notice as my business is run on an appointment only basis.

Any cancellations less than 5 working days will forfeit 50% of the total amount due and payable and 24 hours notice will forfeit 100% of the total amount due and payable.



Due to the complexity of our creative services with our post photography processing procedure we require minimum of 4-5 weeks processing for weddings and 3-4 weeks for family portrait sessions. We will call and email you the link when your images are ready to view, these will be placed on our website for viewing and ordering.



All images are placed in an digital album on our website for you to view and share with friends and family so they may also view the images and given the opportunity to place orders should they wish.

Your images are available to view with in a 5 week period, during this time orders can be places; the studio will at this time commit to prices quoted, however any price increase that may have occurred in during this time are subject  to the price increase AFTER the 5 week period; unless otherwise stated on your invoice.


When we book your session time we will also book your viewing time and location of viewing;  at this appointment we can go through your images and choose our favourites for selection. It is important that all decision makers are at the appointment so that if we are looking at framing and design we can all have our input.

Viewing of your images can be done at your home especially for wall decor options alternatively at our Hyde Park Studio or Seaford Galleries.


Understanding what you are looking for...

USB & the resolution and final product credibility;

The USB is purchased for the joy of viewing your images and having as a keepsake and not to print from necessarily; however the low resolution is handy for sharing on social media.

The resolution of the USB is always at a low resolution (unless commercial prices are paid), you will also find that professional cropping is done to each image adding to the photographers artistic specifications, what this means is that printing from the UBS can only been done through specialized professional printing houses that professional photographers would normally use and not by the corner rabbit printing store, the specialized cropping is part of the artist process and nothing more. The final printing process & techniques used is part of the whole design specification process which is ordered individually by the photographer in order to complete the total vision of the portrait design, this process information is not available on any USB;  in order to maximize your desire decor piece it is always recommended that you follow the purchasing process through with your photographer.


I hope the above has answered all your questions, however please feel free to call me any time if you have any other questions.

I look forward to sharing my passion with you all and I do hope you enjoy the exhibition we share with you on this site. I hope that when you are next thinking about the need for a creative photographer that you will give us a call or email. 

Warm Regards


Antoinette xx