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Unique Wedding Coverages

Discover Timeless Wedding Photography by Antoinette Art-Ography

Step into the world of Antoinette Art-Ography Photography, where capturing the heart of your love story is not just a profession but a cherished art.

Meet Your Visionary Director

I am Antoinette, your lead photographer and creative mind. Recognized as a National Award Wedding Photographer by the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, I specialize in luxury weddings, boudoir, and portraits, boasting over 25 years of artistic expertise.

A Passion for Unique Moments

Photography isn't just a job; it's a passion. I am dedicated to capturing those special looks, shared expressions, and intimate moments that make each couple truly unique. With a focus on luxury weddings, boudoir, and portraits, I bring a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere to every event, ensuring every moment is immortalized.

Tailored Exclusively for You

Your wedding is a unique tapestry of your love story. I thrive on understanding my clients, ensuring that the images I create resonate with their personalities and style. Be it a traditional ceremony, a beach wedding, or an intimate elopement, I'm committed to encapsulating those special moments that say "I DO."

Embark on Our Wedding Photography Journey

Booking Antoinette Art-Ography goes beyond capturing your wedding day.


It's a personal journey, beginning with an understanding of your unique story. From the initial consultation to documenting every detail on your special day, our adventure together has just begun.

Transforming Moments into Timeless Memories

After capturing the magic of your wedding day, my commitment persists. I invest time in processing your images, crafting a series of step-by-step memories. For every hour spent capturing your day, behind the scenes I would dedicate 3-4 times that to creating everlasting memories and bringing them to love.

Your experience with us extends beyond photography; it's about crafting a collection of everlasting memories.

Your Wedding Day

what does your special wedding day look like, where will it be, what type of wedding do you visualise?

Traditional Weddings

Beach Weddings

Outback Weddings

Barn Weddings




Vowel Renewal

Destination Weddings

Location Weddings

Church Weddings
Registry Office

Park Weddings

Backyard Weddings


Let's Discuss Your Special Day

Ready to embark on this unique journey with us?

Fill out the contact form below, and let's schedule a time to discuss your distinctive love story.

with love Antoinette xx


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