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Professional Photography a blood line...

Photography has been in my family’s blood for many years now. From as early as I can remember my father use to carry a Pentax SLR camera everywhere we went as kids, capturing wonderful memories that we can refer to and talk about. Now he always carries the latest Nikon SLR. Before him, my very creative grandfather was also a professional photographer in his day with an old box brownie. In his later years he was still photographing and videoing the entire family, thus leaving us with such treasured & precious memories of our childhood. We use to get up to all sorts of mischief with our many cousins (we won’t go there hahahaha!).

I knew I wanted to go down the creative path since I was about seven or eight. I have always loved to draw and design while mimicking my mum and making my own dolls clothes late at night when the house was sleeping. I am fortunate enough to get this fabulous trait from my Mum who, in her earlier days, was a dress maker and model; but above all is an acclaimed artist and still is.

Then there’s my gorgeous fiancé Leigh who; not only owns his own printing business but has been photographing weddings as a side line to other businesses. Leigh also assists me with the larger weddings; it’s great to have a mate who enjoys the same things and can share in the passion and creativity. As you can see I have always been encouraged and surrounded by people who are creative and passionate about photography and capturing that perfect moment in time. Thus, my passion for professional photography was a natural progression.

...and so, began my creative photography career !

My career led me to developing and managing two very high profile photographic companies and a framing company in Adelaide, one studio being the ultimate fashion glamour studio and the other specializing in weddings, families & children. We had a commercial division as well. With this in mind I was running the business, employing some 30-40 staff during the day and some evenings while shooting sometimes two or three weddings for the on weekends. This was my creative outlet. As the businesses grew I had little time to concentrate on my own accolades, but during this time I managed to take the time to entersome images into the National Print Awards. Much to my surprise I won Silver in the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) National Print Awards in the category 'Wedding Photojournalistic'. This certainly inspired me and I continue to proactively enjoy photographing weddings on the weekends and developing the businesses during the day.

I  enjoy the photographic creativity in fashion glamour, creative weddings, corporate/commercial, head-shots for social media and lifestyle photography along with my other passion for fashion. I designed and produced a very special, special occasion fashion range and online store called socialfashion.com.au. I enjoy everything SOCIAL and FASHION while capturing those special MOMENTS with a creative flair.


I want to share my passion, my gift with you all and I do hope you enjoy the exhibition we share with you on this site. I hope that when you are next thinking about the need for a creative photographer that you will give us a call or email. 

Warmest Regards


Antoinette xx