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WHATS IN A NAME... you may ask?


Due to popular demand I have re-branded my photographic business name to my actual name-sake, so you will see some of my images with socialfashion photography and socialfashion artography logos, this is simply because that was the name I chose for my photography business at the time to represent my branding and it was also to align my photography business and my fashion online store; called SocialFashion at


SO when it comes to branding its all about 'whats in a name', my friends were saying 'we know you are a photographer but what is the name of your business so we can find your website'... so now it is simply Antoinette! easy... I hope hahahahahah !!! xx


Here you will find everything you need to know at and if you have any questions please call or email me, I love to find out what you are looking for and your point of difference ... thats my gift to you :-)


We offer WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY, PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY, CORPORATE PHOTOGRAPHY, FAMILY & LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY not to mention EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY. You will find a booking schedual and a price quide on our website for total disclosure. So the brilliant thing is if you already know what you want and you dont need to speak to me personally, you can just book yourself in... although its good to have a chat so I can give you some extra tips. WOW.

Having said that even when you do book in I will still be on the phone for a chat just to make sure you are able to maximize your session time and my creativity.

I really look forwrad to capturing your best side soon.

warm regards Antoinette xx

here is a spontanious picture of me take by on of my besties

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