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Couples photography for Valentines Day

Couples Portrait Photography is the perfect way to say I love you ❤️

A couple photoshoot is a wonderful opportunity for a couple to capture and celebrate their love, connection, and unique bond through beautiful photographs. It allows them to create lasting memories and document their relationship at a specific moment in time.

The purpose of a couple photoshoot is to capture the genuine emotions, intimacy, and joy shared between two people. It provides a chance to showcase the love and affection they have for each other in a visually stunning way. Whether it's for a special occasion like an engagement, anniversary, or simply to commemorate their relationship, a couple photoshoot allows them to express their love and affection for one another in a creative and personalized manner.

During the photoshoot, the couple can choose a location that holds significance to them or reflects their shared interests and personalities. They can also select outfits that represent their style and enhance the overall aesthetic of the photos. A professional photographer will guide them through poses and capture candid moments, creating a collection of images that truly represent their unique love story.

The resulting photographs from a couple photoshoot serve as a tangible reminder of the love, happiness, and connection they share. These images can be cherished and displayed in their home, shared with loved ones, or used for various purposes like announcements, invitations, or social media profiles.

In summary, a couple photoshoot allows a couple to celebrate their relationship by capturing and preserving their love, intimacy, and joy in beautiful photographs that can be cherished for years to come.

It encompasses all manner of experiences. Not only are you creating beautiful portraits that last a life time and beyond, you also get to enjoy the moment of togetherness, experience the moment of planning together, coming together to share an intimate experience one to cherish forever.

Couples photography is the perfect way of expressing your love for each other.

Creating those special portraits of how you want to remember that special moment of time in your life an intimate memory to be shared forever.

Significant Moments

Loves first meet

Maybe you have just met and you want to capture that forever moment, or it's a special anniversary of when you met,

The Proposal

the proposal during a studio session is very romantic and worthy of very special portrait moment.


The Engagement

Engagements are a very special time in one's life's journey together and to capture that moment forever is so important. This is a time when we reflect back to new love ❤️ a simplier time, a fresh start or new beginning in your life.

Couples Photography

Couples photography is a great way to capture life's milestone together the wedding anniversary, the anniversary of when you first met ' loves first glance' , the special milestone birthday.

Sure if you have not experienced professional photography before it's a moment that is raw you will feel venerable in the hands of a stranger, someone you have now entrusted to bring out your feelings and love for each other, some one who needs to honour and respect those feelings to the love ❤️ you share.

Planning your Couple's Photography

Choosing the right photographer to capture this very beautiful moment in time is so important. Firstly, you should feel a connection with you photographer. Secondly, there should be more than one conversation of planning and styling before the day, your photographer should be interested in you and getting to know who you are and what you are looking for, this is the time your photographer should be planning your photo shoot. That connection & the trust will be most evident on the day and in the portraits.

Make the most of your photo shoot

You can assist make your photo shoot amazing, start by planning your looks, your clothing, what are your hobbies, do you want hair & makeup services, will your photo shoot be studio or location or both and how you would like to remember this time in your life together.


As a national award winning wedding photographer of 25 plus years I know how important no imperative it is to connect with my couples to be on their page, to understand who they are, how they connect, what is important to them, I spend considerable time thinking and planning how their wedding photos are going to look, how I can bring out their uniqness and how best to celebrate their wedding day togetherness. My couples rely on me to capture those images that tell the story about thier wedding, thier togetherness, thier love ❤️ fun and laughter they share with each other and the love shared by thier guests.

Being authentic

As with my couple photography and my wedding photography I am planning your special moment in time from the very first time we meet from our very first conversation and as creative photographer I am in planning mode 24/7 this is my passion this is what I love ❤️ to do, thinking about ideas, poses, props etc, this is my passion. My passion for my couples is to capture their romance, the fun & laughter they share, Thier special moments in life.

There are many styles of photography I offer my couples styles that are as unique as they are and welcome the conversation with you about your special day your special photo shoot.

So spoil each other this Valentine's Day with a true gift of love ❤️ experience a couple's creative photography session together.

Gift 🎁 Vouchers are available.

For more information go to

Talk soon,

With love ❤️ Antoinette


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