Hi guys

welcome to socialfashion photography / antoinette.photo we are glad you could join us today...

Over the coming weeks we will be talking about some of the photography styles and services we offer along with our lifestyle, family, wedding photography, product photography, head-shots & art photography sessions.

We will also be offering some photographic tip-bits to help you out in your social shots and selfies so please stay tuned and we hope to see a lot more oof you real soon.

For those meeting me for the first time here is a little about me so you can get to know me. My background is fashion retail as a Business Development Manager I was offered a position to build a chain of studios who at the time were struggling to survive, so I took on the challenge by restructuring the busines, which by the way compromised of 3 companies, went about improving systems internally, introduced CRM System, comprehensive policy & procedures manuals for each company introduced a telemarketing team in photography studios and introduced training programs into the organisaction ensuring everyone was talking the same language and they understood the companies mission and vision statements. At this point the companies were back on track.

From there I took to the marketing of the studios by appearing on morning TV for approximately 10 years appearing on the then most popular AM Adelaide and Adelaide Today where I would talk about what how we could help turn your photography session into a true experience and people would book by the hundreds. It was truely an amazing time to be in the photography business where studios came from the garage at home to large operations of and in our case anyway 35-40 staff, the larger operations have pretty much disappeared but not those of us who are still pretty passionate about what we have to offer abs how we can help change peoples worlds and give them a priceless moment in time.

No surprise to those who know me well I also honed in on my creative side and took to photographing weddings on the weekends most of our weddings were the who‘s who of Adelaide of which I took great pride. I was encouraged to submit some of my work into the national print awards and Won on my first submission. Below is my 1991 AIPP National Print Award portrait for Weddings Photojournalistic, i was very proud of this accomplished and was a true testimony to the passion and commitment I had for theses businesses that I spent 14 years with.

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